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    RM Richard MilleRM21-01TourbillonAerodyne”

    RICHARDMILLE’s new work – “RM21-01TourbillonAerodyne” aerodynamics Tourbillon watch, highlighting the inspiration from the field of aviation. The new work still continues the brand’s iconic barrel-shaped design (the case diameter is about 51x43x15mm). The front of the rose gold case is frosted, and the side is brushed and polished. It is matched with TPT carbon fiber bezel and 8 columns made of carbon fiber. , The texture contrast is pleasing to the eye. RM21-01 The bottom plate of the movement is undoubtedly the most attractive part of the whole watch – “HAYNES214” is a nickel-chromium-aluminum-iron alloy with high rigidity and oxidation resistance Capable, with excellent performance. The most special feature is the use of “HAYNES214” high-performance material to create the bottom plate of the hollow movement, and the honeycomb-like hexagonal structure presents a unique geometric beauty. The honeycomb-shaped orthorhombic crystal structure hollow design embodies the concept of air flow, and also creates eye-catching color collisions through blue PVD treatment. The movement is a manual winding tourbillon movement, from the delicate and exquisite manual finishing on the movement, including chamfering, polishing, polishing and bevel grinding, to the use of technology and innovative materials, and integrating the tourbillon device to resist Under the influence of gravity, this limited edition new RM21-01 aerodynamic tourbillon watch will set out to explore new areas

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RM Richard Mille “RM21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne”
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