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    RM new pre-sale 27-03 roaring bull Richard Mille Richard Mille zoomed in again to poison you! This time it was a roaring bull. Spanish Bull-RM27-03 ultra-light sports tourbillon watch.

    The RM27-03 tourbillon watch has a strong red and yellow color that can kill people at a glance: the red and yellow tones that represent Nadal’s home country Spain, as well as the faintly presented The tone of the French Open on the clay court; the domineering and unforgettable tourbillon movement design: above the central mechanical movement, there is a domineering bull head in the shape of a hollowed-out bridge, and a clearly visible hairpin below the “bull head”. Barrel, mechanical gear and tourbillon escapement.

    The bull is the symbol of Spain and the symbol chosen by Nadal. Like the previous RM 27, RM 27-01 and RM 27-02, the entire movement is suspended in the center of the watch to reduce the powerful impact of the movement.

    In order to achieve extreme shock resistance, Richard Mille combines the most cutting-edge technology of material industry and precision processing technology – using TPT Quartz material to make a one-piece case and bottom plate, the table The bridge is made of grade 5 titanium, and the tourbillon structure is produced with astonishing precision. The design of the orange case and strap is inspired by the Spanish flag. The crown is specially made into the shape of a tennis ball. Layered carbon fiber cutting patterns can be seen on the black and gray Carbon TPT bottom plate. The design of the hollow bridge plate of the movement is inspired by the The image of a bull.

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RM Richard Mille 27-03 Roaring Bull new pre-sale
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