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3K Patek Philippe Sport Elegant Series 7118 (Nautilus)


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    3K Patek Philippe Sporty Elegant Series 7118 (Nautilus)

    3K Factory’s superb work! ! ! Patek Philippe Nautilus women’s watch PP7118 is coming! The highest version of the “324” movement “”arrived”” The only copy comparable to the original! Authentic products are perfectly interchangeable with genuine Cal.324C integrated 29-drill movement! A new customized version of Patek Philippe’s exclusive Cal.324SC self-winding movement. Unprecedented thickness and genuine consistency are fully realized. The whole machine is designed according to the real Cal.324SC movement – 1:1 respects the original design, and it is superior to all replica Patek Philippe on the market. The movement size “27.0mm”, the thickness “3.3mm”, the power storage “45 hours” and the data are consistent with the authentic products! The size of the watch is 34MM, the thickness is
    8.3MM, the thinnest on the whole network! “No one can own Patek Philippe, but keep it for the next generation.” 3K Factory’s ingenious masterpiece welcomes your tasting!

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3K Patek Philippe Sport Elegant Series 7118 (Nautilus)
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