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ZF Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series (grenade) watch


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ZF Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series (grenade) watch

V3 upgrade version:

【Excellent Achievement】Correction of all versions on the market Insufficient

1. The original version was purchased with a lot of money for development

2. All the details follow the original package and make it look like a fake Change

3. It is currently the thinnest and best-textured copy of Super God on the market

【Case】thick The product is “thin” and has a thin but high-quality PP pillow-shaped shell with a high degree of recognition. Each workpiece is the crystallization of the most cutting-edge technology in the engraving industry.

【Technical Breakthrough】Leading the era of all-in-one machines with a customized version of Cal.

【Size】The details are as follows: 38mm, only one 5165A 40mm is 5167A 5167R 5167A/1A 5167A

Red color 42mm They are 5168G 5168G

The movement must be corresponding only for thick accumulation and “thin” hair! ——ZF products must be high-quality goods! Patek Philippe

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ZF Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series (grenade) watch
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