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3K Patek Philippe AQUANAUT 5168G series


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3K Patek Philippe AQUANAUT 5168G series

Upgrade the original machine without noise lettering version, detailed upgrade interpretation:

1. The upgraded movement is all finely engraved, clear and not worn, and the texture is the ultimate.

2. Upgrade the automatic rotor, adopt Swiss ultra-precision bearings, and install the rotor with unprecedented technology in the industry. Achieve 100% noise reduction
3. The original movement, no fake plate, no fake balance wheel, no fake ruby.
3kThe factory completely reproduced the
3.3mm out-of-print high-quality 324SC movement.

4..Upgrade the dial The Arabic numerals are super bright at night, and the overall brightness is harmonious and synchronized.

5. The imported rubber strap has been upgraded, and the feel and visual effect are comparable to the original one. Remains corrosion-resistant, odor-resistant, durable, and corrosion-resistant in both extreme cold and high temperatures.

6. Each watch in the calendar window is horizontally aligned, and there is no oblique occlusion.

7. Adjust the smoothness of the head adjustment gear several times to debug to the best state. Makes the upgraded version of the grenade adjust the time and feel smooth on the chain . It is extremely comfortable to wear.

9. The Patek Philippe logo on the buckle has been upgraded, with a perfect fit. There is no deviation and displacement.

Explosion! ! ! !

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3K Patek Philippe AQUANAUT 5168G series
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