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ZF Patek Philippe Complication Nautilus Series 5712


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    ZF Patek Philippe Complications Nautilus Series 5712

    ZF Factory2021 has devoted three years to a real “core” work! V2 version1. The diameter is 40 mm, the thickness closest to the genuine product!2. All functions are the same as the genuine product (10-digit kinetic energy display, 7-digit calendar and moon phase, 4-digit small second hand) with the same horizontal embossed pattern and fluorescent scale as the original!
    3. This is a truly landmark super integrated movement Cal.240 PS IRM C LU. The whole movement has 265 parts, flat hairspring, 21600 vibrations per hour, Gyromax balance wheel with adjustment weight, stable and error-free. (Different from the existing fake movement cover decks and fake pearl rotors on the market)
    4. The newly corrected stainless steel strap, the hinge part is disassembled and developed based on the real Patek Philippe Nautilus stainless steel strap, and has the same fit effect as the genuine product, reverse Like all replicas on the market, the hinge opening and closing angle is the same as the original product, and the sound after locking is the same as the original product.
    5. The exclusive “Blue Charm” noodle of ZF factory is infinitely close to the original version, and it is even more outstanding! ZF Factory. Forge ahead and be crowned king! As close to the original as possible within the current technology range, this watch will allow you to control all occasions! ZF Factory ingenious work welcomes your appreciation!

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ZF Patek Philippe Complication Nautilus Series 5712
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