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ZF Patek Philippe Classic Watch Series 5153 watch


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ZF Patek Philippe Classic Watch Series 5153 Wristwatch

ZF Craftsman “Core” produced a collection – Patek Philippe Classic 5153 series watch, elegant and elegant~ ! [Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 38mmX10mm
1. Case polishing: In order to pursue the effect of genuine jade as warm and moist as jade, ZF watchmakers make fine grinding and work slowly.
2. The connection mechanism between the dust cover and the housing has a crisp feel comparable to that of genuine products.
3. The scale and pointer are treated with the latest precious metal electroplating process, and the effect is improved to a higher level.
4. “Pot cover type” slightly convex sapphire mirror, the version is consistent with the genuine product, the effect is transparent, and the time is clearly distinguished.
5. Three-dimensional standard precious metal stamp, clear and vivid! [Leading the era of all-in-one machines] Adopting a customized version of Cal.324 all-in-one machine—thinner, more stable, and more similar. The most important thing is that the degree of simulation has risen linearly. [Strap] Classic Italian calfskin strap with clear texture and good texture. With the top-level Patek Philippe lantern buckle in the market, it is universal and original without pressure. Elegant and persistent, timeless and classic, low-key and perfect, a gentleman in the table!

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ZF Patek Philippe Classic Watch Series 5153 watch
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