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ZF Hublot BIGBANG Unico Big Bang Color Ceramic Watch


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    ZFHUBLOT BIGBANG Unico Big Bang Color Ceramic Watch

    ZF New Breakthrough Color Ceramic Watch HUBLOT 宇 Shipwatch BIG BANG Unico Color Ceramic Watch An unprecedented major breakthrough in ceramic technology. It took ZF four years to spend a lot of money to break through traditional ceramic materials. The new colored ceramics use a sophisticated technique that combines high pressure and heat to forge ceramics without firing pigments. This brand-new ceramic material has high-density characteristics. Before that, the industry has not made such a breakthrough in the process technology and aesthetics of ceramic materials. ZF strives for perfection in every process, and carefully crafts every part of this special ceramic case. In order to master this technology, ZF has devoted four years to research and development, and has spared no effort to forge ahead on the road of material exploration. At present, the technology of this invention is unique to ZF. The standard configuration is custom-made Hengbao exclusive UNICO HUB 1280 automatic flyback chronograph movement with 3-digit hollow calendar ring, and 3-digit disc for 60-minute timing. (Note: 7750 movements on the market can only Timing 30 minutes) 8-digit horizontal clutch 9-digit small seconds wheel Sapphire crystal mirror Rubber strap with ceramic folding buckle Colorful pattern pointer texture is impeccable 45mm All functions are 100% perfect Ceiling-level welcome players to taste (produced by ZF Must be a boutique)

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ZF Hublot BIGBANG Unico Big Bang Color Ceramic Watch
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