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ZF Breitling A1736402 watch, Junku debut. 316L stainless steel polished case, classic design, jumping colors, and equipped with Italian military rubber strap. The whole is bold and delicate, and it is extraordinary. [Case] The case is polished and polished with a 360-degree mirror surface, the lines are smooth, and the luster is like a silver plate. The black part of the bezel is made of high-pressure-resistant and high-hardness rubber material (the material is consistent with the original), and the lettering on the bottom cover is stable and organized. The relief of Breitling LOGO is three-dimensional and smooth. It restores the masculine beauty of genuine fortitude and beauty. [Movement] The top-level 2824 self-winding movement is adopted, the mainspring is wound, and the feel of operating the calendar pointer is consistent with the genuine product. [Strap] Made of natural rubber, it is soft and comfortable without being dusty. [Mirror] Sapphire crystal glass, coated with double-layer anti-vertigo blue high-transparency film.

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ZF Breitling A1736402 watch
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