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The best copy of the V9 Patek Philippe Nautilus (Nautilus) 5726 series annual calendar watch, which perfectly realizes all functions such as true moon phase, sun, star and moon, and insists on four consistency: “consistent function, consistent size, consistent appearance, and consistent material “, it is really a rare replica of PP with complicated functions. Specific evaluation:
1. Starting value:
1. [Functions are the same] ➀ There is a moon phase disc at six o’clock (synchronized with the original one rotation per month), a 24-hour pointer and a calendar. Press the hidden button at 5 o’clock to quickly adjust the moon phase , Turn the head to the second gear to quickly adjust the calendar, and turn the head to the third gear to adjust the time to drive the 24-hour pointer; ➁12 o’clock position is the week and month, press the hidden buttons on the side at 10 o’clock and 3 o’clock respectively to quickly adjust. All of the above functions automatically jump over time.
2. [High degree of restoration] The original mold opening CNC creates each hardware piece, which is literally enough to be true! ➀Size: Synchronized with the original
Size: 40.5mm*11.3mm; ➁Literal: The layout, font position, and window size are almost the same, the font thickness and size are the same, and the filling is clear and delicate; ➂Moon phase disk: The stars and moon on the moon phase disk Same as the original, sandblasting is used instead of smooth surface; ➃Bottom: The appearance of the movement mechanism is more than 95% close to the original; ➄Material: Same as the original, the case and strap are all 316L stainless steel, and there are ceramic particles on the buckle.
3. [Imported movement] Customize the original 324S movement (imported 9015 as the basic movement), adjust the direction of the balance wheel arm to achieve the same structure as the original, and use Incabloc shock absorbers and CNC numerical control technology as the original Create the movement bracket and deck, deeply wash the flower and polish the printing, not only the movement time is stable, but also the mechanism is highly restored.
4. [Getting started] The V9 factory insists on putting high-quality experience first, and follows the principle of making high-practicability steel watches announced by the PP official. The V9 Nautilus shell is elegant and perfectly connected with the strap. All are chamfered and polished to ensure that the hands will not be cut or the flesh will be caught. The gap between each steel grain is just right, which ensures the flexibility and comfort of the strap.
5. 【Quality Control】➀ The appearance of each watch is QC through the artificial eyepiece to ensure that there will be no obvious flaws on the words and movement. ➁In terms of travel time, the imported meter is used to measure the data first, and then a three-dimensional simulator is used to simulate the hands-on for one day, and the error is controlled within the normal value before packaging and shipping.
2. Short board defects:
1. The hidden button at 8 o’clock cannot be quickly adjusted for 24 hours. There is no response when the button is pressed, but the manufacturer has synchronized the hour and minute with the 24-hour hand when leaving the factory, which does not affect the use;
2. Since the inner cover of the movement is made of metal and the density of the movement is high, the watch as a whole is a bit heavier. Starting from the “core”, V9Factory creates miracles. The product is the best, pay attention to the pocket interests of buyers, try not to upgrade or make the best products with the least number of upgrades, a real Buddhist manufacturer. Reminder: Each V9 watch package has a built-in remote anti-counterfeiting chip, so that buyers can rest assured and avoid unscrupulous traders from shoddy. Third-party evaluation video (no contact information): https://v.qq.com/txp/iframe/player.html?vid=o3110u8v7sz

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V9 Patek Philippe Nautilus (Nautilus) 5726 series annual calendar watch
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