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TWBlakeModified version of Rolex Daytona series

Modified Daytona’s peak artifact, an advanced modification that never wears out Daytona, high-definition colored diamond bezel, DLC black diamond film on the body, 100% restoration of the dark night black dial grit effect unique to the Blacken modification team, the best copy of Blacken modified Daytona at present.

【Case】Imported real 904L steel, the same material and model as the genuine product, the steel belt is finely brushed, the color is whiter and brighter, and it is strong and wear-resistant.

【Movement】Combined with 7750 to change the original 4130 movement to achieve powerful full-featured timing.

[Details] The literal noodle is processed with metal mirror, without flaws, and it adopts strong luminous powder imported from Switzerland. The hour and minute hands are groove-cut and filled with glossy black oil, which is not ordinary printing, and the texture is very different. High-transparency sapphire glass, the mirror effect is very high-quality.

[Quality] The original version is molded, the material is the same as the original product, the texture is obviously soft and delicate, and it fits better on the wrist.

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TWBlake Rolex Daytona series modified version
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