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TF-factory Breitling Classic Avengers Series


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TF-factory Breitling classic Avenger series, it has a famous name: Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft, the dial size is 44mm.

The most attractive thing is its shell. The dark gun-colored shell coating adopts vacuum ion plating technology, that is, the color is pressed into the gold-titanium alloy with high pressure, which not only increases the density of the coating, The hardness of titanium itself can make the watch have the quality to overcome all difficult environments, and it will never fade! !

Titanium shell titanium shell titanium shell! Say important things three times! The text adopts superimposed printing process, and it will feel slightly raised when viewed from the side. The mirror surface is curved sapphire glass, double-sided light blue high-transparency coating, the effect will never be doubled, the bituminous military military waterproof belt, and the TFF factory uses Seagull 2824 to wash flowers The movement has always followed the classic route, and the limited quantity is absolutely super value.

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TF-factory Breitling Classic Avengers Series
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