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RS Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Ⅱ ceramic tattoo second generation

RS Factory brand new explosion, the second color ceramic – Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Ⅱ tattoo Second generation watch. Using three-dimensional geometric figures and ingenious ideas, it presents exquisite relief effects and a perfect three-dimensional visual experience. The ceramic case adopts the unique high-temperature and high-pressure forging method of the RS team to form ultra-high-density colored ceramics. After selecting one out of a hundred, it is ensured that each finished product has no color difference from the original, so that it is truly the same as the original! After polishing, satin, slicing, engraving, chamfering, and faceting, it presents an alternately superimposed hexagonal space vision, which perfectly interprets the brand’s ambition and design concept! The most eye-catching diamond-shaped hour and minute hands and the two hexagonal small plates on the left and right of the dial show a different visual effect of geometric patterns as time goes on. The overall geometric figures on the dial surface have been polished at the cnc level to present a sharp visual sense , no matter from which angle you look at it, there is no glitch in the slightest, and all the details are in place at once. The imported fluororubber strap is paired with Hublot’s easy-to-use folding clasp to make the wearer more comfortable. The movement adopts the 7750 HUB1240 movement, which can be impeccable even through the bottom. After the precision polishing of the RS team, the stability of the 7750 basic movement has been greatly improved, and the embarrassment of the chronograph movement has been relieved. Phenomenon! Be impeccable! Welcome to watch friends to taste! Produced by RS, absolutely extraordinary!

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RS Hublot BigBangSangBleuⅡCeramic Tattoo II
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