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RM Richard Mille RM27-04RafaelNadal Carbon Fiber Watch

RM Richard Mille RICHARD MILLE RM27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal watch commemorates the brand and The 10th anniversary of Rafael Nadal cooperation, RICHARD MILLE has just launched a very “tennis style” new work – “RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal”, the hollow design is inspired by tennis rackets, the whole watch once again breaks through professional sports watches The design limit of the barrel-shaped case is novel and layered, and Nadal’s nickname – RAFA is engraved on the side; the new work does not use the “dial” in the traditional sense, but imitates the production principle of a tennis racket, using a diameter Thin steel cables of only 0.27mm are woven into a grid and suspended inside the case, and then the movement is fixed on the “grid” with metal hooks. This design is not only light, but also cushions the impact of high-strength impact on the movement. Effect; steel cable mesh dial, skeletonized hands.

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RM Richard Mill RM27-04RafaelNadal carbon fiber watch
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