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NT Richard Mille RM035-01 series (dense bottom) Newly improved carbon fiber shell, so that the overall texture is infinitely close to the counter. The shock absorber is changed to inlaid with a transparent diamond. The original watch strap head is molded, and the buckle of the strap has small eyes, which can be interchanged with the counter, making it more comfortable to wear. Free 1 pair of spare adhesive tape + Richard original special screwdriver + 2 handles with multi-color rubber rings (can be disassembled by hand). The strongest version in history, the only original mold opening and correction, the RM035 version of “black technology” NTPT ® carbon fiber material forged carbon rock layer pattern carbon pattern road cover is the same as the original version, the only concave opening is the only brightest and most explosive carbon pattern on the whole network, and it is waterproof. Fear of water Corrected the Achilles’ heel of the market version Richard is not waterproof The radian of the original version is no longer as flat as the market. The only one that perfectly restores the original size. The only RM-035 size that can be worn by girls. The only version that can interchange straps with the original version. . Not only has the unique elegance of TPT® carbon fiber, a high-tech material, but the interlaced pattern also shows a modern fashion and leisure style. The RM035, which can be called the most comfortable on the wrist, combines flexibility and sensibility!

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NT Richard Mille RM035-01 series (close bottom)
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