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Grand shipment of new products from Technology Base Factory: After a year of continuous modification and improvement, it is now officially launched: 750 new TAG Heuer 2018 limited editions! Combining the three major elements of carbon, titanium, and meteorite as the theme, the main color is black, and then blue, yellow, and rose gold are used to light up in the black. Because of the black background, the three colors are more vivid and bright ! Size 41mm
1. Case and buckle: It is made of pure titanium alloy material with light weight, and it is reproduced one by one according to the original version! Every accessory and function can be universally interchanged with the original version! The case and clasp are vacuum-plated at high temperature with black as the main color, and a protective layer against dust, static electricity, and fingerprints is applied to each accessory.
2. Surface: When it comes to the surface, it is the soul of a watch! This surface is far from being as simple as it seems at first glance, and it is precisely because of this that it took nine months to make, adjust, and perfect the surface repeatedly before it can finally come out in a near-perfect posture! Laymen will mistakenly think that it is 3D printing? “NO!” “NO!” [Weak] This surface is sprayed with a base tone, and then printed with a multi-layer glass mold many times to form the dark pattern of “denim pattern”. The process of printing layer by layer replicates the effect of meteorite layout!
Bezel: It is made of a combination of carbon fiber material and titanium alloy, and is made of carbon fiber raw materials with similar textures, which are made through compression molding, fine carving, polishing, printing, protective film, and polishing!
Strap: Black nylon material is combined with the first layer of cowhide and silicone, and blue, yellow, and black lines are used to match the corresponding colors of the watch!

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New products from Technology Base Factory are on sale
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