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Ingenuity is not easy, persistence is true KRF launched the best replica of Rolex Oyster Perpetual (Oyster Perpetual 36) 116,000. Same size, same appearance, same material, same texture and charm, a very rare replica Rolex. Reasons to buy:
1. (a) High degree of restoration, consuming 2 original watch molds, 904L stainless steel case, full weight, reverse CNC machining, every face, angle, and radian are the same as the original watch. For the first time, the rounded corners of the 4 corners of the lugs have been polished to eliminate a fake triangular surface and ensure that the 4 corners of the middle case stand on the same horizontal plane without shaking. Both sides of the shell body are slender and slender at the same time full and round! (b) The bezel diameter, inner diameter, and R angle are exactly the same as the original, and for the first time a three-piece installation (steel outer ring, nylon O ring, steel O ring) has been realized, and the invisible position is also done. (c) The precision bottom cover is also made of 904L stainless steel, which has a high degree of matching with the shell body. It feels first-class when it is rotated to open or close, and the damping feeling is restored. 2, (a) full process, low yield. The blue dial breaks through the industry’s existing simple process, using 8 processes, 2 electroplating, 3 dye complementary colors, and restores Oyster Perpetual’s proprietary composite blue. It is the first time in the industry to break through the ultra-fine radiation pattern, which is thin, straight, flat, hazy, and faintly visible. In the middle layer of the disk, the same reflective index and metallic texture are obtained at the same time. With numerous failures, only 300 of the 7,000 embryos were finished. The black dial and orange-pink hour nails are mixed and matched, and the collision of different colors achieves an unparalleled sense of design and aesthetic enjoyment. Rolex’s only two-color luminous style is worth tasting. (b) Platinum hour markers and the most beautiful 369 numeral markers. The industry’s first all hour markers are electroplated with platinum, which restores the same texture and charm at a high cost. The rounded corners of each nail are polished, smooth and round, the number 369 is clean, three-dimensional, neat, and the same reflective index at any angle, the most beautiful blue radial pattern number plate. (c) The blue dial uses Swiss A-grade Super Linumva C1 luminous (white/green). The black dial uses Swiss A-grade Super Linumva orange-pink luminous (orange pink/blue).
3. High “moisture” sapphire crystal, etched “crown” at 6 o’clock, colorless imitation reflective film. “Running” is the theme, and transparency is the foundation, which is the same as the original.
4. The three-bead strap is coated, using the new brushed sand and the latest surface coating process to restore the texture and luster of the original strap. Using grinding wheels imported from Europe, after repeated testing, the cute feeling of sand in the silk is obtained, not just the simple processing of drawing too bright…The industry is the first to use vacuum sputtering coating to unify the gloss and reflective index, making it look the same as the original With the same silvery, hazy, sandy, silky feel.
5. The same function, use the improved Asian pt5000 movement, remove the calendar structure and neutral gear, pull out the crown to stop the second and adjust the time. Ceramic bead self-winding bearings effectively reduce the sound of winding, making it quieter and more comfortable. Hand feeling: KRF insists on putting high-quality wearing experience and visual experience in the first place. While ensuring perfect restoration, it must also ensure full weight, full metal feeling, and delicate hand feeling. You can observe the taste quietly, and you can also get started when you move Play around. A copy with life and charm to accompany you through every beautiful day.

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KRF Rolex Oyster Perpetual (Oyster Perpetual 36) 116000
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