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1. The size is close: the official length, width and thickness: 50*43*16mm, the length, width and thickness of JB factory: 49.8*44.3*16.4 mm;

2. Real bearing: The ruby in the skull’s mouth is the real bearing of the tourbillon, not a decoration. The gem corresponds to the tourbillon wrapped in the upper and lower jaws The central axis of the flywheel seems to swallow the energy ball, so that the sci-fi artistic conception that the original package wants to express can be reflected;

3. The details are in place: the left inner wall of the inner cover of the case Same as the original one with RM052 steel seal, the size and depth of the right eye gear are close to the original one, the center gemstone on the forehead is rosy and clear, the buckle is frosted, and the rubber strap is imported from Thailand;

4. Alignment of the
Movement: thanks to the fact that the size of the tourbillon is the same as the original one, you can clearly see the running process of the tourbillon coaxial with gemstones when you look at the back of the skull from the back. The balance wheel is just blocked by the jaw of the skull, leaving only the escape wheel to walk under the skull;

5. Both internal and external: the movement is a Shanghai movement The factory customizes the real tourbillon movement, and each watch has passed the high-strength simulator QE travel time, and it has enhanced waterproofing.


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JB Richard Mille RM52-01 True Tourbillon
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