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JB Hublot (Hengbao) CLASSIC FUSION Series Tourbillon Exclusive Premiere


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Exclusive debut of JB Hublot CLASSIC FUSION series tourbillon! Breaking through the previous imitations, it monopolizes the “three most” of the tourbillon: the most hollowed out parts, the thinnest thickness, and the highest degree of restoration! Three reasons to buy:
1. The shape and size of the shell are the same as the original, versatile and not too big: the diameter of the bezel is 42mm, the diameter of the shell is 45mm, and the thickness is 11.7mm. The shell shape looks the same as the original from all angles, and the appearance is extraordinary.
2. Stable movement and high degree of restoration: Customized mass-produced HUB6010 manual winding tourbillon movement, more than 96% of which is close to the original structure, all gears are truly driven without decoration, 48 hours of battery life, and accurate 5±day difference in shipments.
3. Exquisite material and good color: The case is electroplated and thickened with 18K rose gold/platinum on the basis of pure water-jet cut stainless steel, which will not fade for a long time. The front of the strap is first-layer cowhide, and the back is imported Thai natural rubber. Flexible and waterproof, the front and back mirrors are sapphire crystal glass, which is scratch-resistant and transparent. The overall watch is generous and versatile, suitable for successful men of all ages, and has an excellent hands-on effect. JB Factory-Designed for high-end tourbillon

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JB Hublot (Hengbao) CLASSIC FUSION Series Tourbillon Exclusive Premiere
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