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HB Hublot Classic Fusion Series Watch

HB OriginalVersion 1:1 Mold Opening>Hengbao Classic Fusion Series! The diameter is 45MM, and it took 16 months

Three major highlights of technological breakthroughs: 1.The case is made of the same steel as the original product, and this model is polished and brushed The surface is clean and delicate, with smooth lines, and the 6 H-shaped titanium screws on the bezel can be completely interchanged with the genuine product, striving to restore it to the extreme!2.The literal color was confirmed after ten months of repeated debugging by the watchmaker, and the color difference was restored to 98%. The most difficult blue literal to achieve zero color difference is difficult to achieve on almost the entire replica bezel; the literal font uses 3D printing Craftsmanship, strokes of letters, size and thickness are completely restored to authentic products!3.The movement is made by dismantling and scanning the genuine movement. The customized version of HUB 11 movement is exactly the same size as the genuine one, the appearance can be 99% similar, and the functions are completely synchronized with the genuine one; the synchronization of the fixed ring and the genuine one is also made It is made of titanium metal, even the small details such as machine screws are not missed by the manufacturer, and it is completely interchangeable with the original product! 99% of this accessory can be completely interchanged with the genuine product, HBF classic fusion, fusion classic!

HB Factory brand new masterpiece>

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HB Hublot Classic Fusion Watch
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