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HB Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch personality debut!


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【HB Factory】Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch with V2 upgrade version debuts! Harmonious patterns and balanced proportions blend and co-exist, perfectly interpreting the infinite mysteries of geometric shapes in the dimension of time!

[Technical breakthrough] Customized version of HUB1213 movement is adopted to realize the perfect synchronization of appearance, function and frequency with the original one, and the unparalleled stable travel time is beautiful.

[Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 40X14.

1. To ensure the alignment of the pattern: use a Swiss professional calibrator to collect the pattern, and after multiple adjustments, ensure that the complex geometric lines match the original, three-dimensional interlacing, and sharp edges and corners.

2. Improve the polishing standard: every finished product has been meticulously crafted and strictly controlled by HB watchmakers. Ensures original consistent silhouettes and interlaced lines.

3. Overlap three octagonal hollow leaf pointers and do rhodium-plated treatment. The craftsmanship is aligned with the original, and the effect will never fade.

[Excellence] The strap and buckle have upgraded any shortcomings of all versions on the market

1. The black calf leather selected for the strap is softer after heat printing, and the inner lining is made of Made of natural rubber, it stays cool and breathable even after prolonged wear.

2. Equipped with Hengbao-style classic folding steel buckle, the texture is bursting, and the opening and closing is powerful.

Vertical and horizontal and orderly, the trend is extraordinary. Welcome friends from all walks of life to taste the geometric aesthetics from HB professional grade!

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HB Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu tattoo watch personality debut!
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