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GF Breitling Super Ocean Culture II 42mm Watch


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GF Breitling Super Ocean Culture II 42mm watch, the only genuine one-to-one replica on the market, the stainless steel braided Milanese bracelet (the length can be freely disassembled and adjusted), the reflective effect is better than ordinary steel bracelets, scratches The same is very “new” and very shiny! The one-to-one stainless steel folding clasp is perfectly interchangeable with the genuine product. The bezel made of polymer wear-resistant ceramics is durable and wear-resistant. The silver scale developed at a huge expense can be easily wiped clean with water, completely solving the problems of getting blacker or fading with rubbing, perfectly interpreting and refreshing the ceramic bezel. Engraving process, under the ceramic ring is a 120-tooth unidirectional rotating stainless steel outer ring, which is carved with cutting-edge CNC machine tools and then polished. The precision of the accessories is beyond ordinary, and each watch has passed 3 atmospheric pressure waterproof tests. , Factory 100% waterproof. Curved sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment on both sides. Equipped with 9015 automatic winding movement imported from Japan, it is precise and stable. This is a unique and beautiful replica boutique. GF ingenious work, you deserve it!

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GF Breitling Super Ocean Culture II 42mm Watch
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