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Breitling first-class watch, Breitling Transocean Day & Date Breitling’s new-transocean series week-date super copy [genuine mold opening] uses a limited edition genuine mold that is hard to find, and truly achieves an unrecognizable effect. All components are disassembled Decipher and carefully compare the clones until they are perfect [Extremely false] All components of the entire watch can be perfectly interchanged with genuine products, all parts reach 1:1, size 43×12.8 [Top material] Imported pot cover sapphire achieves a high degree of transparency, 316L stainless steel is perfectly polished by CNC technology. Pure imported French cowhide achieves the same color, effect and texture as the original factory. The cost of a piece of cowhide is several times that of ordinary cowhide in the market. The three-dimensional and polished effect, V7 has reached the top standard in the control of many details, and many of them can be the benchmark [reliable movement] adopts the full-featured synchronous genuine custom-made Cal45 movement, engraved with Geneva pattern, to achieve The week and calendar are synchronized and instantaneously jump accurately and stably [Super quality control] V7 quality control all watches leave the factory with time difference and waterproof and dustproof QC, so that buyers and sellers can worry about it Let go of any details♛The original price is only 4W, low-key yet high-end, and greatly reduces the embarrassment of collisions. This transoceanic watch perfectly realizes the seamless span of leisure and formal wear, allowing you to be calm and at ease on any occasion . Maker was born to provide a perfect copy, and we will present more wonderful works to you in the future, so stay tuned

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Breitling First Class Watches
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