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ARRolex Retro Submariner “16610” Old Green Ghost

AR super god new work RO.LEX super imported 904 steel Retro SUB “16610” series. The case, strap and buckle are all made of top-grade Finnish imported 904 steel material specially customized for AR (this material is also exclusive to AR, and can be compared with each other for details).

The details and workmanship of AR can also stand the test and careful attention of everyone. Never falsify the shocking technical features

1. : The aluminum alloy ring mouth of the retro water ghost is made of the same parts as the original product. It is also the only company on the market that is consistent with the original product in terms of ceramic ring, steel ring, and aluminum ring. Interchangeable General

2. : Brand new solid second shaft design

3. : Polishing of the case strap and the inside and outside of the buckle The meticulous processing is the strongest workmanship on the market

AR produced – constant pursuit of perfection and continuous innovation

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AR Rolex Retro Submariner “16610” Old Green Ghost
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